Practical Tools

In accordance with its overall aim of supporting Member States in achieving common standards and high-quality processes within the Common European Asylum System (CEAS), EASO develops common practical tools and guidance.

You can find an overview of available tools and guidance here.

EASO Practical guides and tools brochure
EASO practical guides and tools

In support of asylum processes and reception systems


EASO develops practical tools and guidance to help increase the knowledge and technical skills of asylum practitioners working in the field of international protection. The practical tools and guides are developed based on Member State expertise and analysis gathered and shared in the framework of dedicated thematic networks on key areas of asylum.



Access to the asylum procedure

Implementation of the Dublin III Regulation

  • EASO Practical guide on the implementation of the Dublin III Regulation: personal interview and evidence assessment [EN] [BG] [CS] [DE] [EL] [ES] [FR] [HR] [HU] [IT] [LV] [NL] [PL] [PT] [RO] [SK] [SL]
  • EASO Guidance on the Dublin procedure: operational standards and indicators [EN] [BG] [CS] [DE] [EL] [ES] [ET] [FR] [HR] [HU] [IT] [LT] [LV] [MT] [NL] [PL] [PT] [RO] [SK] [SL]
    • HTML version available here


Examination of the application for international protection

Watch our new animation on the EASO Core Practical Guides on the Examination of the Application for International Protection here.NEW 

Guidance on asylum procedures is also provided in the form of an application for smartphones supporting asylum officials in their daily work. The EASO Practical Tools app is available in English, French, German, Greek and Spanish language, and incorporates the following:

  • EASO Practical Guide: Personal interview 
  • EASO Practical Guide: Evidence assessment 
  • EASO Practical Guide: Qualification for international protection

To install the EASO Practical Tools app, click on the badge for your device:

Watch this video for more information on the EASO Practical Tools app.

Quality assurance in the asylum procedure

Practical tools for country of origin information research

  • Tools and tips for online COI research (EASO Practical Guide Series) [EN]
  • EASO Practical Guide: Researching the situation of lesbian, gay, and bisexual persons (LGB) in countries of origin [EN] [BG] [DE] [EL] [ES] [FR] [IT] [PL] [PT] [RO]


Applicants with special needs

  • Poster of 8 EASO Standards for the welfare of asylum and reception staff [EN]
  • EASO Practical guide on the welfare of asylum and reception staff: Part III - Monitoring and evaluation [EN]
  • EASO Practical guide on the welfare of asylum and reception staff: Part II - Toolbox [EN]
  • EASO Practical guide on the welfare of asylum and reception staff: Part I - Standards and policy [EN]
  • EASO Age assessment practices in EU+ countries: updated findings [EN]
  • EASO Tool for Identification of Persons with Special Needs (IPSN) [EN] [BG] [CS] [DE] [EL] [ES] [ET] [FR] [HR] [HU] [IT] [LV] [LT] [NL] [PL] [RO] [RU] [SK] [SL] [TR] [SV]
  • EASO Report on asylum procedures for children [EN] [BG] [DE] [EL] [ES] [FR[IT] [RO] [SK] [SQ]
  • EASO Practical guide on the best interests of the child in asylum procedures [EN] [BG] [CS[DA] [DE] [EL] [ES] [ET] [FI] [FR] [HR] [HU] [IT] [LT] [LV] [MT] [NL] [PL] [PT] [RO] [SK] [SL] [SV] [TR]
  • EASO Practical guide on age assessment [EN] [BG] [CS] [DA] [DE] [EL] [ES] [ET] [FI] [FR] [HR] [HU] [IT] [LT] [LV] [MT] [NL] [PL] [PT] [RO] [SK] [SL] [SR] [SQ] [SV] [TR
  • EASO Practical guide on family tracing [EN] [BS] [DE] [ES] [FR] [IT]
  • EASO Age assessment practice in Europe [EN] [BG] [DE] [EL] [ES] [FR] [IT]
  • EASO Mental health of applicants for international protection in Europe - initial mapping report [EN]

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