Summary table: 7. Indentification, assessment and response to special needs

assessment and
response to special  needs 

Operational standards and indicators on reception conditions

34. Ensure a mechanism is in place to identify and assess special reception needs.


34.1. A standardised mechanism to identify and assess special reception needs of any applicant is in place.
34.2. The mechanism clearly prescribes who is responsible for identification and assessment of special reception needs.
34.3. The mechanism clearly prescribes how identification and assessment are recorded and communicated to the applicant and to relevant actors.
35. Ensure the mechanism for identification and assessment of special reception needs is effectively applied. 

35.1. Sufficient resources are allocated to identify, assess and monitor special needs.

35.2. The initial identification and assessment of special needs is conducted as soon as possible.
35.3. Special needs that become apparent at a later stage are adequately identified and assessed.
35.4. Where relevant, specialised actors are involved in the assessment of special needs.
35.5. Communication channels and cooperation between the reception authority and the determining authority are established and used.
35.6. The identification and assessment of special reception needs takes place without prejudice to the examination of the applicants’ need for international protection.
36. Ensure that identified special reception needs are addressed in a timely manner.36.1. Adequate and prompt action is taken to respond to the identified and assessed special needs.
36.2. In case special needs have been identified, there is a mechanism in place to ensure their regular monitoring.

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