Summary table: 1. Housing


Operational standards and indicators on reception conditions
SectionSub- section StandardIndicator(s)
1. Housing 1.1  Location 

1. Ensure effective geographic access to relevant services,such as public
services, school,health care, social and legal assistance,
a shop for daily needs, laundry and leisure activities.

1.1. Specific arrangements are in place for applicants with special needs.

1.2. (a) The relevant services are provided within the housing. OR

1.2. (b) The facility is located at a reasonable walking distance from relevant services and the available infrastructure is safe for
walking. OR

1.2. (c) Relevant services are accessible by public transport and the duration of the journey is reasonable. OR

1.2. (d) Relevant services are accessible through organised transport provided by the Member State.

1.2 Allocation 2. Ensure that the principle of family unity is respected.2.1. Family members (in accordance with the definition of Article 2 RCD) are accommodated together with their agreement.
2.2. Families with children are accommodated together, provided that this is in line with the best interests of the child.
2.3. Where possible and appropriate, family unity should be respected with regard to members of the broader family.
2.4. A maximum of one family is allocated per bedroom
3. Ensure that special needs are taken into account when (re-)allocating particular housing to an
3.1. The allocation of particular housing to applicants is based on an assessment of their special reception needs. 
3.2. There is a possibility to transfer an applicant as a result of identified special reception needs.
4. Ensure that specific and objective reasons linked to the individual situation of the applicant are taken
into account when allocating housing to an applicant.
4.1. A mechanism is in place to consider whether there are specific and objective reasons for the allocation of particular housing.
1.3 Infrastructure 5. Ensure sufficient space in the bedroom in collective housing.5.1. A minimum space of 4m² per person is provided for each applicant.
5.2. With regards to the minimum space of 4m² per person, a minimum room height of 2.10m is ensured.
5.3. Sufficient space exists in the bedroom to place one bed and one cupboard for each applicant. 
6. Ensure respect for the privacy of the applicants in collective housing.6.1. A maximum of six single applicants are accommodated in one bedroom.
6.2. Separate bedrooms exist for single male and female applicants exist and no access is possible for applicants of the opposite
6.3. A room creating a private setting (inside or outside the premises) for meetings with legal aid, a social worker or other relevant
actors is foreseen and available to the applicants, when needed.
6.4. Specific arrangements are in place for applicants with special needs.

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