1. Housing

Introductory remarks

This section is composed of various sub-sections covering the following aspects of housing:

Each of these sub-sections covers essential aspects of housing facilities, which complement each otherMember States are free to choose from different types of housing provided to applicants as long as the special reception needs of the applicants are taken into consideration. The different arrangements range from accommodation centres to alternative arrangements, including private houses, flats, hotels or other premises adapted for housing applicants for international protection. Moreover, the RCD provides Member States with the possibility to choose whether to deliver housing in kind or through financial allowances5

On the one hand, where housing is provided in kind, the housing should comply with the standards outlined in this section; on the other hand, where Member States choose to provide applicants with a financial allowance to cover the costs of housing, this allowance should allow applicants to avail of an housing which complies with the standards listed in this section.

At the same time, Member States’ practice reflects the use of different types of housing, depending on the phase of the asylum procedure, including for example transit centres, first/initial reception centres, or special facilities for applicants in the Dublin procedure. Naturally, the functionality of premises might differ depending on the time period intended for applicants reside in it. Therefore, the applicability of certain standards and indicators included in this section may depend on the type of housing chosen and on its purpose (e.g. long-term vs short-term residence of applicants). Wherever a standard only applies to a specific type of housing, this will be mentioned.

   Legal references — housing

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