4.12 Country of origin information

In 2020, EU+ countries continued their efforts to enhance both the range and quality of country of origin information (COI). In the absence of fact-finding missions, countries focused on other methods to collect information, while some COI units took advantage of the confinement to carry out in-depth work, improve and update the information available, and cover a wider range of topics. 

Countries with smaller asylum administrations took steps toward establishing COI units or creating a methodology to assign certain countries of origin to case workers who update them regularly. Research and reporting focused on updating information on countries for which COI was already available, mainly on common countries of origin of asylum applicants, such as Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and Syria, but efforts were also made to gather information on less common countries of origin for which limited or no COI existed, for example Colombia and Sri Lanka. 

EASO Asylum Report 2021
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