2.1 Road to a Common European Asylum System

The evolution of the Common European Asylum System (CEAS) 
    1999-2005: First phase of CEAS    1990 Dublin
1999Tampere Council Conclusions   
2000Eurodac Regulation  
2001Temporary Protection Directive
Agreement with Iceland and Norway on the application of the Dublin Convention
2003Reception Conditions Directive
Dublin II Regulation
2004Qualification Directive  
2005Asylum Procedures Directive  
    2006-2013: Second phase of CEAS      
  The Eurodac Regulation and the Dublin II Regulation are extended to Denmark2006
  Agreement with Switzerland on the application of the Dublin II Regulation2008
  EASO Regulation 2010
  Recast Qualification Directive2011
  Recast Asylum Procedures Directive
Recast Reception Conditions Directive
Recast Eurodac Regulation
Dublin III Regulation

     2015-2020: European Agenda on Migration   

The European Commission presents two packages for the reform of CEAS
Proposal for the reform of the Dublin system
Proposal for a revised Eurodac Regulation
Proposal for transforming EASO to a European Union Agency for Asylum    
Proposal for a Qualification Regulation
Proposal for an Asylum Procedures Regulation
Proposal for a revised Reception Conditions Directive


Ireland opts in and transposes the recast Reception Conditions Directive
2020  Pact on Migration and Asylum    
2021EASO anniversary  
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