Common analysis



This country guidance is currently under review. In view of the recent significant changes, notably the Taliban takeover, assessments within this document may no longer be valid. When examining the international protection needs of applicants from Afghanistan, please consider the most up-to-date country of origin information available.

This part of the country guidance includes the common analysis:
It provides analysis on the following elements:
1. Actors of persecution and serious harm
Preliminary remarks
Overview: areas of control
1.1. The Afghan State and pro-government elements
1.2. Anti-Government Elements
1.3. Other non-State actors
2. Refugee status
3. Subsidiary protection
3.1. Article 15(a) QD
3.2. Article 15(b) QD
3.3. Article 15(c) QD
4. Actors of protection
4.1. The State
4.2. Parties or organisations
5. Internal protection alternative
5.1. Preliminary remarks
5.2. Part of the country
5.3. Safety
5.4. Travel and admittance
5.5. Reasonableness to settle
6. Exclusion
6.1. Preliminary remarks
6.2. Exclusion grounds
6.2.1. Crime against peace, war crime or crime against humanity
6.2.2. Serious (non-political) crime
6.2.3. Acts contrary to the purposes and principles of the UN
6.2.4. Danger to the community or the security of the Member State
6.3. Relevant circumstances
6.3.1. Past conflicts (1979-2001)
6.3.2. Current conflicts (2001-ongoing)
6.3.3 Criminality
6.4 Guidance with regard to Afghanistan
6.4.1. Article 12(2)(a) QD and Article 17(1)(a) QD
6.4.2. Article 12(2)(b) QD and Article 17(1)(b) QD
6.4.3. Article 12(2)(c) QD and Article 17(1)(c) QD



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