Regional thematic Meeting in Trapani

Regional Thematic Meeting:"EASO Operations: Lessons Learned and Future Perspective"

In the context of its Consultative Forum activities, EASO organised a Regional Thematic Meeting in Trapani, Italy on 29 September 2017. The meeting, which was dedicated to EASO Operations and future perspectives brought together representatives of EASO, the EU Institutions, members of the Consultative Forum and local NGOs operating on the ground in order to: 

  • Provide information on EASO's operational activities
  • Review the implementation of relocation and the hotspot approach in Italy
  • Identify what has worked well and what can be improved
  • Discuss the future development of EASO support activities in Italy

More than 50 participants representing local NGOs and EU civil society organisations had the opportunity to be informed about EASO’s operational activities in Italy, to identify challenges and best practices on relocation and the hotspot approach, as well as to share best-practices on how cooperation of all actors on the ground can be more effective and sustainable. A wealth of information was shared during the meeting on how Civil Society can further support Italy and EASO operational activities.

Discussions will also feed into the Consultative Forum Plenary meeting of 17 November 2017 in Brussels.

Meeting documents:


The Consultative Form was established in 2011 during EASO’s first year of operation. The overall objective of the Consultative Forum is to establish a close dialogue between EASO and civil society. To that purpose, the Consultative Forum was established as a mechanism for the exchange of information and pooling of knowledge. EASO engages in a two-way dialogue with civil society organisations, through the organisation of various activities, including e.g. Consultative Forum meetings, electronic consultations on key EASO documents and direct involvement of civil society in various areas of EASO’s work. In response to increased demand by Consultative Forum members, one of the current main priorities for the Consultative Forum is to improve cooperation between EASO and civil society in the context of its operational activities. The aim is to “bring the Consultative Forum in the field” and to exchange information with local NGOs on the practical implementation of EASO support activities.    


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