Consultative Forum Plenary 2017

EASO 7th Consultative Forum Plenary, 17 November 2017, Brussels

The annual EASO Consultative Forum Plenary Meeting was held in Brussels on 17th November 2017. Although EASO regularly consults the Forum members throughout the year, the Plenary Meeting has become an important EASO event, attracting hundreds of participants. The main aim of the Plenary Meeting was to take stock of developments in the field of asylum as well as to review cooperation between EASO and civil society.  

The 7th edition of the CF Plenary Meeting focused on EASO’s operational activities to frontline Member States and improved cooperation with civil society under the EUAA.

Main questions for discussion included:

  • After a challenging two years, is the CEAS now in better shape?
  • How has the influx in 2015-2016 impacted frontline Member States?
  • What has the EU collectively and EASO in particular done to assist frontline Member States?
  • How do stakeholders assess these interventions? What has been the impact on asylum seekers/refugees?  What have we learned from our responses?
  • What is the role of civil society organisations in assisting in this context and how can we better coordinate responses? How has EASO cooperated with civil society so far?
  • What will the EU Asylum Agency (EUAA) bring? What will be the role for the EUAA under the revised asylum acquis?
  • What changes will the EUAA bring with regard to cooperation with civil society?
  • How can EASO better cooperate with civil society to facilitate the implementation of the CEAS?
    - What should be the general and specific objectives of the Consultative Forum under the EUAA? What should be the desired outcomes in five years?
    - Accordingly, what new role, format and organisational structure for the CF under the EUAA? What concrete activities do we focus on next year?

The meeting was based on mixed participatory methods and brought together more than 200 representatives from civil society, international organisations, EU institutions, Member States’ asylum authorities, local municipalities as well as individuals working in the field of asylum at local, regional, national and international level. 

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The EASO Consultative Forum is a platform aiming to pool knowledge and to exchange information between EASO and civil society. EASO is committed to establishing a real and genuine dialogue with civil society as we strongly believe that the exchange of ideas can be of mutual benefit to both. Cooperation with civil society is mainstreamed throughout all EASO’s activities and takes place on a continuous basis throughout the year. Examples of activities include Consultative Forum Meetings, electronic consultations on key EASO documents as well as the direct involvement of civil society in various areas of EASO’s work, through e.g. meetings, conferences, workshops, practical cooperation activities and informal consultations. 

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