Calls for expressions of interest

Reference Title Deadline Documents
EASO/2018/701 Call for expressions of interest for local MedCOI experts 03 Jan 2024 Read more
EASO/2015/280 Call for expressions of interest for experts 23 Nov 2019 Read more

Open procedures

Reference Title Deadline Documents
EASO/2019/754 Provision of temporary agency workers for EASO in Italy 03 Dec 2019 Download
EASO/2019/724 Provision of servicing and maintenance of safety and security systems for the European Asylum Support Office in MaltaRecently updated 19 Nov 201926 Nov 2019 Read more
EASO/2019/745 Provision of Office Furniture and Garden Equipment and Furniture to the European Asylum Support Office in Malta 21 Nov 2019 Download
EASO/2019/729 Provision of Travel Agency Services for EASO 18 Nov 2019 Download
EASO/2019/746 Provision of MedCOI Country Reports holding general medical country of origin accessibility information 10 Oct 2019 Download
EASO/2019/728 Provision of Event Organisation Services for Administrative and Operational Meetings and Events Held Outside of Malta 30 Sep 2019 Download
EASO/2019/725 Provision of consultancy and review of EASO training modules and EASO asylum support tools by members of academia and representatives of civil societyRecently updated 19 Sep 2019 Read more
EASO/2019/734 Provision of Survey to Understand the Asylum Related Migration (SAM) 02 Sep 201916 Sep 2019 Read more
EASO/2019/722 Provision of MedCOI Medical Officers Services 30 Jul 2019 Download

Restricted procedures

Currently, there are no records in this section.

Negotiated procedures

Reference Title Deadline Documents
2019 Advertisement for EASO procurement plan 2019Recently updated 31 Dec 2019 Download
EASO/2019/761 Framework supply contract for the provision of office supplies and stationery products for the European Asylum Support Office in Cyprus 13 Dec 2019 Download
EASO/2019/760 Provision of health and safety related products and supporting services in Cyprus 11 Dec 2019 Download
EASO/2019/751 Negotiated procedure for the procurement of construction works for a safe passage and emergency exit in Moria (hotspot), Lesvos 20 Nov 2019 Download
EASO/2019/730 Provision of electronic signature servicesRecently updated 12 Jul 201916 Oct 2019 Download
EASO/2019/743 Property prospecting notice to meet additional office space requirements of the European Asylum Support Office (EASO) in CyprusRecently updated 06 Sep 201916 Oct 2019 Read more
EASO/2019/740 Property prospecting notice to meet office space requirements of EASO in AthensRecently updated 23 Sep 2019 Read more
EASO/2019/747 Supplies framework contract for the provision of blinds, sundry items including installation, maintenance and spare parts 20 Sep 2019 Download
EASO/2019/744 Removal service for the office of EASO in Rome, Italy 03 Sep 2019 Download
EASO/2019/741 Negotiated procedure for the procurement of repatriation insurance for EASO staff 30 Aug 2019 Download
EASO/2019/723 Service Framework Contract for provision of language training services for EASO Greek Operations 30 May 2019 Download
EASO/2019/726 Negotiated Procedure for the Procurement of various small appliances, such as fridges, coffee machines and electrical heaters in EASO offices across Greece 27 May 2019 Download
EASO/2019/712 Renting of Water Dispensers, Supply of Bottled Water, Coffee, Tea and various kitchen consumables in Greece 25 Mar 2019 Download
EASO/2018/707 Framework Service Contract for the provision of car parking spaces for the Athens' office 14 Dec 2018 Download
EASO/2018/694 Framework Service Contract for the supply of car wash service for the EASO vehicle fleet. 23 Oct 2018 Download
EASO/2018/676 Framework Service Contract for the car wash service and fuel supply for the EASO vehicle fleet 07 Aug 201828 Aug 2018 Download
EASO/2018/661 Concession contract for the provision of Vending Machines 09 Aug 2018 Download
EASO/2018/671 Provision of Public contract for consultancy services on safety at the work place in Italy 15 Jul 2018 Download
EASO/2018/666 Involvement of an external organization in development of the EASO Training Module on Reception of Vulnerable Persons 20 Jun 201809 Jul 2018 Download
EASO/2018/658 Corrigendum: Rental of mobile interpretation booths, audio visual and other event-related equipment and the provision of technician services 01 Jun 201806 Jul 2018 Read more
EASO/2018/672 Provision of proofreading and language editing services in Albanian, Arabic, Macedonian, Serbian and Turkish 28 Jun 2018 Download
EASO/2018/646 Office space and ancillary services in Cyprus 09 Apr 2018 Read more
EASO/2018/641 Direct contract for services for the realisation of a scenario analysis and report on possible futures of international protection in Europe 12 Mar 201819 Mar 2018 Download
EASO/2018/645 Negotiated procedure for the provision of legal advice on EASO Premises Lease Agreement 16 Mar 2018 Download
EASO/2018/643 Negotiated Procedure for EASO Compound Supply and Consultancy – Public Supplies Framework Contract for the Provision of Various Signage and Fixings 12 Mar 2018 Download
EASO/2018/638 Provision of legal consultancy services in Italy 26 Feb 2018 Download
EASO/2018/636 Provision of services for maintenance and administration of Audio-Video (A/V) Conferencing facilities at EASO premises in Malta 23 Feb 2018 Download
EASO/2018/621 Construction works for the hotspots in the islands, Athens and Thessaloniki 16 Feb 2018 Download
EASO/2018/627 Provision of the main internet connectivity services for EASO premises in Malta 09 Feb 2018 Download
EASO/2018/620 Provision of renting car spaces for EASO Athens Office 31 Jan 2018 Download
EASO/2017/609 Provision of Architectural services for EASO premises in Athens 20 Dec 2017 Download
EASO/2017/611 Steel works including maintenance for EASO in Malta 19 Dec 2017 Download
EASO/2017/607 Purchase of portable equipment for EASO Operational Support Offices in Greece and Italy 11 Dec 2017 Download
EASO/2017/606 Provision of proofreading and UK English language editing services 11 Dec 2017 Download
EASO/2017/579 Purchase of printing equipment, installation and maintenance 10 Nov 2017 Download
EASO/2017/587 Framework contract for the analysis of how the policies of EU+ countries influence the distribution of asylum seekers 02 Nov 201707 Nov 2017 Download
EASO/2017/584 Provision of Drinking Water for EASO staff and visitors 02 Nov 2017 Download
EASO/2017/577 Provision of Preventive and Corrective Maintenance of EASO’s Waterproofing Systems 20 Oct 2017 Download
EASO/2017/578 Construction works for EASO premises in Chios 20 Oct 2017 Download
EASO/2017/554 Provision of Carpentry and Joinery Works for EASO 03 Oct 2017 Download
EASO/2017/570 Provision of Landscaping, Irrigation Systems, Indoor and Outdoor Plants for the EASO Compound 03 Oct 2017 Download
EASO/2017/569 Provision of sanitary ware, floor and wall tiling, including structural 29 Sep 2017 Download
EASO/2017/568 Provision of Pest Control for the EASO Compound 25 Sep 2017 Download
EASO/2017/565 Glazing and aluminium works including maintenance for EASO Premises in Malta 11 Sep 2017 Download
EASO/2017/560 Negotiated Procedure for the provision of bottled water for EASO Greek Operations 31 Aug 2017 Download
EASO/2017/563 Procurement procedure for the provision of plastering, painting, soffits and partitioning works 30 Aug 2017 Download
EASO/2017/552 Provision of Preventive and Corrective Maintenance of EASO’s Electrical Extra Low Voltage Systems 17 Aug 2017 Download
EASO/2017/555 Provision of Preventive and Corrective Maintenance of EASO’s Mechanical Services (Plumbing and Gravity Drainage Systems) 17 Aug 2017 Download
EASO/2017/553 Provision of Preventive and Corrective Maintenance of EASO’s Electrical Low Voltage Systems 17 Aug 2017 Download
EASO/2017/546 Remote interpreting services for EU and non-EU languages to be used for operational activities related to Greece, Italy, Bulgaria and Cyprus 11 Aug 2017 Download
EASO/2017/548 Provision of Medical supplements and products for EASO in Greece 10 Aug 2017 Download
EASO/2017/549 Provision of structural alteration and finishes, mechanical, electrical and engineering works for EASO Situation Centre in Malta 07 Aug 2017 Download
EASO/2017/543 Fitting out works for EASO Premises in Rome 01 Aug 2017 Download
EASO/2017/541 Provision of Preventive and Corrective Maintenance of EASO’s HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) Systems 28 Jul 2017 Download
EASO/2017/482 Framework Contract for small appliances in Greece 25 Jul 2017 Download
EASO/2017/538 Framework Contract for Removal and Porter Services 19 Jul 2017 Download
EASO/2017/502 Provision of collection and selective treatment of various types of waste 18 Jul 2017 Download
EASO/2017/531 Provision of confidential waste management 18 Jul 2017 Download
EASO/2017/529 Provision and installation of cabling for passive data and electric network services 26 Jun 2017 Download
EASO/2017/524 Negotiated procedure for the acquisition of 2 vehicles for EASO. 31 May 2017 Download
EASO/2017/518 Blinds, sundry items and the related maintenance and spare parts 29 May 2017 Download
EASO/2017/517 Provision of publication and promotion service for EASO vacancy Notices on specialised job websites 21 May 2017 Download
EASO/2017/494 Provision of office furniture to EASO Office in Malta 16 Mar 2017 Download
EASO/2016/470 Framework contract for purchase of audio and video equipment 16 Dec 2016 Download
EASO/2016/481 Negotiated procedure for the provision of office supplies and stationery products in Greece 10 Dec 2016 Download
EASO/2016/461 Procurement procedure for the Provision of a Review of surveys of asylum-related migrants and study of the feasibility of an EASO survey 26 Oct 2016 Download
EASO/2016/445 Framework contract for the provision of consultancy service to develop web based visualizations 22 Sep 2016 Download
EASO/2016/447 Recruitment of Interim Policy and Administrative Officer for EASO Brussels Office 12 Sep 2016 Download
EASO/2016/437 Provision of services of a Mechanical and Engineering Company for Drafting of Tender Specifications for Mechanical and Engineering Maintenance, assistance in evaluation of tenders and monitoring of the contract 09 Sep 2016 Download
EASO/2016/443 Framework contract for the provision of Country Intelligence Reports 22 Aug 2016 Download
EASO/2016/413 Framework Contract for the provision of event organisation services in Malta 03 Jun 2016 Download
EASO/2016/410 Framework Contract for the provision of electronic and print serial subscriptions 21 Apr 2016 Download
EASO/2016/416 Framework Contract for the provision of Hot beverages for EASO 14 Apr 2016 Download
EASO/2016/402 Framework Contract for Acquisition of Printing devices, Toners and Cartridges for printers 16 Mar 2016 Download
EASO/2016/401 Framework Contract for the purchase of ICT Equipment 15 Mar 2016 Download
EASO/2016/ Planned low and middle value negotiated procedures 2016 12 Feb 2016 Download
EASO/2015/380 Financial/internal control services 01 Jan 2016 Download
EASO/2015/390 Framework Contract for non-structural renovation/maintenance services for the Security/Safety systems at EASO 18 Dec 2015 Download
EASO/2015/391 Renovation of EASO building(s) restrooms 18 Dec 2015 Download
EASO/2015/386 Framework Contract for the rent of portable interpretation equipment, including delivery in 28 EU Member States, North Africa, Balkans and Middle East countries 18 Dec 2015 Download
EASO/2015/389 Framework Contract for non-structural renovation/increase of the Video Surveillance systems and parts at the EASO premises 18 Dec 2015 Download
EASO/2015/366 Car Acquisition 16 Oct 2015 Download
EASO/2015/352 Framework contract for the Provision of Consultancy Services on implementing guardianship related support activities 31 Aug 2015 Download
EASO/2015/354 Purchase of portable equipment for operational support 24 Aug 2015 Download
EASO/2015/348 Service contract for the provision of country of origin intelligence reports 10 Aug 2015 Download
EASO/2015/248 Framework contract for the purchase of specialised office equipment 05 Aug 2015 Download
EASO/2015/345 Service contract for provision of conference services for EASO External Dimension Regional Workshop and Training in Istanbul 05 Aug 2015 Download
EASO/2015/332 Service contract for Inventory and Assets Management Assessment 19 Jun 2015 Download
EASO/2015/335 Open office area improvements 19 Jun 2015 Download
EASO/2015/326 Provision of service by External Accreditation Partner to certify and accredit the current European Asylum Support Office Training Curriculum modules 17 Jun 2015 Download
EASO/2015/290 Direct contract for a Survey of methodology on the quantitative assessment of the phenomenon of asylum-related migration 26 Mar 2015 Download